Continuing Ed.

Every Nation Education has partnered with Global Church Divinity School

You will discover each training course has been prepared with various cultures in mind. These global objectives bring focus to each training session. This GCLC approach allows you to learn at the highest possible level. Rather than learning everything that there is on a particular topic, the teacher has provided the very essence of the most important concepts in each topic. Additionally, you can learn at your own rate, without feeling pressured to finish each course as fast as possible. It’s called “Just-in-Time training!”

5 Point System of Instruction

The Global Church Network® hosted strategic summits in every world region, with more than 10,000 leaders attending from hundreds of Christian denominations and organizations. The Five Point System of Instruction (Leadership Development, Global Missions, Church Multiplication, Evangelism & Discipleship, and Visionary Networking) emerged from the discussions with the 10,000 Christian leaders over a ten-year period of time.

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