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Twelve years ago Every Nation Education began with a dream to see every nation receive a quality education. Through research, hard work, dedication, tears, sweat and likeminded people we set forth to make this dream a reality. We refuse to leave a world to those that fall between the cracks of society. We strive to ensure not only are qualified teachers available but also schools, resources and immediate needs are met to guarantee a proper education. We thank all of our partners that help us fight for a better tomorrow. We thank you for your interest in educating a path out of bondage. Together we can break this cycle of illiteracy. Together we can help others dream for a brighter future.

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Educating A Path out of Bondage by providing




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At Every Nation Education we strive to meet the needs of those who are victims of poverty, natural disasters, disease, abuse & neglect. With a common goal to enhance the quality of education by meeting the current needs and providing humanitarian aid and relief through Planting Schools, Providing Shelters, Building Small Businesses, and Developing Community Centers to bring us all together. To learn how you can get involved click the link below.

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