Board Members

Dr. Dave Heller

Ronnie Wilson

Hope Tyndall

Alan Thompson

Our Story

Every Nation Education began in the heart of Missionary Rose Boyd over 14 years ago. As she was flying over Indonesia, a deep desire overwhelmed her to provide the educational tools necessary but not always available in the hope to provide an opportunity for a better life. Since then Every Nation Education has done just that and so much more. We teach English as a Foreign Language, offering those that can’t speak English the opportunity for better employment. We provide humanitarian relief and aid, as well as assisting in disaster relief when the need arises. Most recently we provide the opportunity to receive The Word of God. Through our Bible Keychains, we are able to distribute The Bible in several different languages in mass quantities and to the unreached areas of the world.

Volunteer's Testimonials

As a pastor, I look for missionaries that are scriptural, kind, bold, genuine, and people through whom the Holy Spirit works. The missionaries of Every Nation Education have all of those qualities. We are thankful supporters of and partners with ENE.

- Jeff Mosteller

I love and support ENE because they are an organization of doers, rather than just talkers. Transparent and accountable stewards spreading the light of the gospel to all corners of the earth.

- Michael Butler