Our shelters provide a haven for refugees and victims of natural disasters, wars, and famines. Every Nation Education has seven shelters. Six in Indonesia and one in Ukraine.

Churches/ Community Centers

Community centers provide a common area for individuals, families, and communities to come together in a safe and positive environment to fellowship, learn and grow. These community centers are essential in providing the guidance, counseling, and education much needed in these underdeveloped parts of the world.

Humanitarian relief

Not only do we supply food and aid in needed areas across the globe, but we also look to provide more permanent solutions such as water wells. Each water well serves a minimum of 100 people - and often many more! To date, Every Nation Education has provided eight water wells, with more scheduled for the fall.

Educational Facilities/ Supplies

Every Nation Education began with a desire to educate a path out of bondage. We saw that many people could pull themselves and their families out from below the poverty line if they only had an education. To date, we have several elementary schools in Southeast Asia. We also have several workshops that provide teacher training and continuing education. We work alongside universities to help students receive the most out of their education.

Micro Businesses

We believe that it is critical to not only meet a need but to educate and train individuals on how to become self-sufficient. We have helped start several micro-businesses that have helped sustain our overseas efforts. Such businesses include; laundromats, restaurants, delivery services, schools, child-care facilities, used tire shops, coffee houses, car washes, and tutor centers, to name a few.

Diaster Relief Center including Covid-relief center

During the pandemic, many of our "community centers" were forced to close. However, we seized the opportunity to use our buildings as quarantine centers for the people of Malaysia and Indonesia. We provided primary care, food, and shelter to thousands during this time.

Bible Keychains

Our primary focus at Every Nation Education is to educate every nation about the saving power of Jesus Christ. There are still unreached areas of the world today. Regions that do not allow Bibles. These keychains are not only a more discrete way to get bibles into these unreached areas of the world, but they offer so much more. There are audio options for those that can not yet read. One keychain can be scanned an endless amount of times. Once the Bible is downloaded to your device, you no longer need the internet to access the scriptures, and you have full access at any time to The Gospel. We have delivered 12,000 Bible Keychains to Ukraine in the Ukrainian language. We currently have other languages such as Pashto, Spanish, English, Bahasa, Kiswahili. Please let me know if you have any questions!