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Educating A Path Out Of Bondage.

Supplying Educational Resources for a better tomorrow.

Every Nation Education is a non-profit 501(c)3 birthed from the heart of founder and former CEO Rose Boyd. To give freedom through education to underprivilaged sections of society. Rose saw a crisis and the effects of the lack of quality education and teacher training for rural areas around the globe and made a commitment to make a change.

Although our world has seen great progress over the years, children around the globe are still being denied education. A lack of education can create a bondage that becomes impossible to escape. Lack of education leads to increase crime, poor health, shorter life expectancy, and even effects the economic growth of a country. To combat this crisis we now provide access to quality education for students and teachers alike. Our teachers are taught how to teach children from different age groups. We help to supply resources needed for the classroom and so much more. The Schools we build have become safe havens that protect from the physical dangers that surround them - including abuse, exploration, and recruitment into extremism.

Over the years, Every Nation Education has adopted innovative approaches to build ladders of opportunity for education. For example campaigns and efforts are made to educate parents on the importance of education and encourage their children receive a quality education to ensure a bright future. We Invest in Micro-Businesses to relieve families of financial hardships. Humanitarian relief efforts such as clean water wells, medical care, and disaster relief help us broadan our access points into rural areas.

We could not do what we do with out our wonderful volunteers, financial partners and people just like you! All you have to do to join our efforts in providing a quality education around the world is click on the link to become a volunteer and partner of Every Nation Education. Let's make tomorrow brighter!



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